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    Recently, through the technology department and workshop personnel's joint efforts, the high consistency bleaching tower GPT500 which development and design by our company has successful commissioning in our 3rd workshop.

    In this May our company signed equipment unit contract specific to Guangxi Jingui Pulp & paper co., Ltd an annual output of 250,000 tons APMP mechanical pulp bleaching plant reconstruction project, including 1set of high consistency bleaching tower, 1 set of chemical mixture screw, 2 sets of vertical screw key equipments and 2 sets of screw conveyor.

    According to the contract requirements, our company technical personnel in combination with the usage of the current high consistency bleaching tower, sum up the experiences of many kinds of structure forms of field application and development and designed 5 meters high consistency bleaching tower GPT500 with volume of 300 m3, become the largest equipment specifications which can mating the Chemi- mechanical project in the international.

    As one of the key equipment of pulp bleaching, high consistency bleaching tower can make the pulp on stable material level reaction with the chemical under design temperature, ensure the stability of the outlet pulp whiteness. Advanced discharging device at the bottom, ensure uniform discharging and stability of tower material level. The pulp bleaching concentration in bleaching tower is 20-25%, after dilution to 8-10% in the bottom of the tower it will be pump steadily to next section. This equipment compared with the type which screw discharging structure at the bottom of bleaching tower, implements the tower inside bleaching and concentration dilution in the integration design, reduces the energy consumption.

    At present domestic large bleaching pulp line matching the high consistency bleaching tower used are all imported equipment, our company research and development of high consistency bleaching tower can alternative to foreign similar products, realize the localization equipment mating, and then reduce the investment cost, satisfy the market demand.