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Exploring India market deeply, Accelerating the expansion of South Asia business
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Wenrui Machinery(Shandong)Co.,Ltd and GoldSun Machinery(Jiangsu)Co.,Ltd are participated in the 12th International Exhibition & Conference on Pulp, Paper and Allied industries held at Pragmatic Maiden exhibition hall located in New Dehli during Nov 1th -4th 2015. Paperex exhibition is including 13 pavilions and absorbing more than 20,000 customers from 69 countries. China Pulp & Paper Industry exhibition group, China Papermaking Equipment exhibition group and China Chemical and Information exhibition group are together to join Paperex exhibition. It’s shows that China enterprise have go broad and look for opportunities at the condition of downturn of domestic market. India became a equipment manufacturing industry   has attracted much attention of the world's major markets.

Today's America, Japan and the European Union have encountered economic difficulties but the impact on India is not very great. The demand for paper products has been growing at 8% ~ 9% for India market in the last few years. India paper industry will continue rapid growth with the increase of per capita disposable income and so it will provides opportunities for Chinese enterprises to enter the Indian market.

During Paperex exhibition, many customers are interested in our bagless segment of Disc Filter and they think that the application of this technology completely accords with the actual  requirements of the paper mills. This type segment not only has a long lift time but also reduce the running cost. The customers express that the application of this technology in papermaking industry and the development prospect is very good. At the same time some customers invite wenrui’s engineer to the jobsite and exchange technical.

Mr Bhashiwari the project director of Ruchira Paper Mills visits our exhibition hall and describes the running condition of black liquor filter, and then he express that Ruchira Paper mills is very satisfied with our products and service. Now the factory is preparing the pulp line and paper machine white water recovery system upgrades, they hope that we can supply related product and technical supporting. Mr Bhashiwari believes that cooperation with wenrui company will be better and achieve win-win.

For this Paperex exhibition also got the support from India partner Mr Arnil and Goldsun automatic engineers Mr Ram and Cecil. With the help of them we achieve more customers information in India market.

New opportunities, new challenges. According to the current situation of China Paper & Pulp industries, for responding with “One Belt and One Road” deployment of economic strategy and promoting the development of China's manufacturing industry deepening the cooperation with foreign enterprise. On the basic of Paperex exhibition and with the help and support of the friends of China and foreign countries, positive efforts and constantly enterprising. With the continuous development of pulp and paper industry in India we believe that Wenrui & Goldsun will create a better future in India. Promoting the concept of “provider for Pulp-Paper integration solutions” to the south Asia and all over the world.