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Welcome Japan metallurgy experts to Wenrui and exchange welding technology
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  Three Japan metallurgy experts visited wenrui and exchanged welding technology of stainless steel and dual-phase steel at Jan 18, 2016.
  Three experts came to workshop and inspected the welding process of dual phase steel sheet 254SMO at afternoon, the whole process by ASME standard requirements and heat insulation barrels must be plug before welding, within the scope of welding seam 25 mm should be decontaminated, preheated weldments according on current temperature, the temperature must up to 16℃ before welding. According to the characteristics of the dual phase steel, used small current, increased welding speed and proceeded string bead and multi-pass welding for reducing the steel performance damage caused by welding heat input. Japan experts affirmed the whole operating process and did not put forward any problems.
  More than 20 staff including processing department, manufacturing department and workshop leaders and workers participating in the exchange. By this technical exchange, our workers improving the duplex stainless steel welding operation skills.